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Carbide Knives and Blades, Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Carbide Knife Blades and Tungsten Carbide Inserts

Straight, circular, flat or even the most complex shaped Tungsten Carbide blade on Earth, California Knife & Blade manufactures and supplies all kinds and shapes of carbide blades, knives and Tungsten Carbide components for from Aerospace to Defense industries in a wide range of different shapes and cut types including circular carbide slitting blades, bottom & top rotary carbide blades, carbide perforator blades, carbide score slitting blades, carbide flat slitting blades, carbide rotary shear slitting blades with tight tolerances for a wide range of converting industries including plastic, packaging, medical, paper, tire, rubber, meat & poultry processing, metal working, wood working and many more.

Our carbide blades are manufactured from the finest grade carbide as well as from a special carbide grade carefully selected by us based on our customers' requirements. Customers seeking advice on material selection are also provided with in-depth material analysis specifically designed for their cutting proceses.

For a wide range of industries, California Knife and Blade manufactures highly durable carbide knives and carbide inserts that are meant for rotary cut, perforator cut, score cut, guillotine cut applications and many more. With our well-trained and highly experienced team combined with our in-house high-tech CNC and Wire EDM machines, we provide quality carbide knives at a very competitive price delivered within the shortest leadtime in the market.

California Knife & Blade manufactures any custom and OEM carbide knives and blades based on blueprint, sketch, technical drawing, or even specifications provided by customer.

If you are looking for a company to get your next carbide knives made and supplied by, you can count on us for our exceptional quality, on-time delivery performance and competitive prices.

Let California Knife & Blade help you get the best quality knife at a competitive price within a very short lead time. Our expertise is our capability to manufacture any carbide knives with the quality exceeding customer's expactation at a competitive price within a short delivery time. Please contact us now to get a quote.

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Industrial Knives & Blades We Manufacture and Supply:

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